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Meat Grinder Plates, Blades & Knives

KASCO: Quality Meat Grinder Plates, Blades and Knives

KASCO meat grinder plates and meat grinder knives offer sharp and long-lasting cutting surfaces, allowing you to produce a consistent product and reduce waste from poorly cut and mashed meat.

With over 110 years of experience with supplying our customers with innovative and world-class products, KASCO offers the most respective brand names to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. Visit our Meat Grinder Plates & Knives section for more information or to place an order.

Video Transcript:

"For more than 110 years, KASCO SharpTech has been the industry leader in providing quality metallic blade products for the meat cutting, food cutting, and wood cutting industries across the globe. Unparalleled quality is displayed in every product we produce, and our global manufacturing operations are unmatched in the industry.

KASCO SharpTech’s meat grinder plates & knives are designed and manufactured to minimize surface contact, producing a cool cutting surface that not only results in fresher, more attractive ground product but also extends product case life.  Sharp, long-lasting cutting surfaces help produce consistent product and less waste by eliminating poorly cut and mashed meat.  All KASCO SharpTech grinder plates & knives exceed industry standards for flatness, sharpness and durability.

All of our meat grinder plates start as high quality steel blanks from the best steel producers available. Holes are drilled using state of the art CNC controlled drill presses to ensure quality and consistent hole patterns. Our grinder knives are produced from one-piece castings or with welded knife bars.

KASCO SharpTech offers the highest quality brand names of meat grinder plates and knife systems to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Powermate meat grinder plates and knives are precision-engineered from maximum-strength hardened steel and are ideal for all large volume meat grinding operations.

The Double-Cut self-sharpening meat grinder system features a thinner reversible plate design, which produces cooler cutting and less meat spoilage.

Atco grinder plates are KASCO’s low-cost alternative made of high-grade low-alloy steel and are fully inspected and tested to ensure extremely sharp and flat cutting surfaces that will produce uniformly blended ground meat with superior consumer appeal.

Look at the selection. Compare the quality. You'll see you can grind any type meat with grinder plates and knives from a company that's a cut above - KASCO SharpTech!"