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Food Processing Equipment from BIRO Manufacturing

BIRO Manufacturing Company markets over 35 items, including meat saws, tenderizers, meat grinders, chicken cutters, vacuum tumblers, horizontal slicers, and other meat processing machinery. BIRO equipment is used in Canada, the United States and throughout the world. Below you'll find a wide range of BIRO equipment available from KASCO Canada.

retail meat saws

Retail Meat Saws

industrial meat slicer

Industrial Meat Saws

deli meat slicer

Deli / Meat Room Slicers

 industrial horizontal slicer

Horizontal Slicers

 auto feed mixer grinder

Retail Auto Feed Mixer Grinders

 industrial auto mixer grinder

Industrial Auto Feed Mixer Grinders

 table top grinder mincer

Grinders & Mincers

meat tenderizers



 frozen meat block chippers

Frozen Block Chippers

 table top vacuum tumbler

Vacuum Tumblers

 poultry cutters

Poultry Cutters

food and meat patty formers

Food / Patty Formers