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Bakery & Bread Slicing Blades

Types of Bakery Slicer Blades

BakeryBreadBladesBlade Craftsmanship

KASCO bakery slicer blades are made with a commitment to quality and innovation. Our quality assurance procedure makes sure our cutting and slicing edges meet the strict standards, which makes KASCO a global symbol of dependability and service in the blade manufacturing industry. The intensive control measure that are integral to the production of our bread slicer blades include the examination of all incoming raw materials during every stage of production.

Specialized Resources and Techniques:

  • Laboratory facilities screen raw materials to make sure only the highest quality products reach you
  • Numerous in-line precision measuring instruments aid quality assurance
  • Specialty-designed weld alignment inspection equipment ensures welds are unbreakable

Our dedication to quality control is founded on the understanding that each operation is a vitally important link in the production of your bread slicer blades. That's why we're persistent with solving problems immediately. Our experience and innovation create flawless bakery slicer blades worthy of our commitment to quality.

bread blade endsRazor-Sharp Resources

Our laboratory is fully equipped to examine and approve only the best materials for manufacturing our bakery slicer blades. Constant research and development is conducted to discover innovative ways to manufacture blades more efficiently. KASCO finds solutions to solve production problems and meet performance expectations.

Breakthroughs in production methods & product performance:

  • Hardness and tensile testers precisely gauge band strength and toughness
  • Detailed macro-examinations and engineering projection of dimensional and geometrical properties
  • High-power optical micro-examination of structures and edge geometry to further define blade accuracy
  • High-magnification/high-resolution electron microscope brings blade quality into sharper focus

abt bread slicing bakery bladesLength Accuracy with Measurable Results

We recognize the fact that even the smallest variations in length can result in erratic blade tension and in irregular bread slices. That's why we guarantee that the length of our bread band set is carefully inspected and measured. It's just another example of how dedicated KASCO is to producing quality bread slicer blades for precision slicing.

Ongoing Service

KASCO Canada assures full warranty protection and guaranteed correct reproduction of the original cutting edges with our convenient resharpening service. If factory resharpening is inconvenient, we offer approved resharpening through our authorized representatives or local sharpening services. KASCO has a staff of approximately 100 service technicians throughout North America.

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