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The KASCO cutlery line is made from high-carbon stainless steel and offers a corrosion and wear resistant blade. Each piece is properly heat-treated for professional cutlery use providing a long edge life. KASCO stocks many types and sizes of Victorinox and ICEL cutlery. Some of our cutlery has wood handles, while most include injection-molded polypropylene handles with non-slip coating that adds an extra firm grip, sealed construction, and a natural left/right hand fit.

KASCO Canada is a premier supplier of knives and other products for the cutlery industry. We carry the most respected brand names to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. KASCO cutlery is NSF-Approved, 100% hygienic, and fully sanitized to meet all health and safety requirements. We have over 110 years of experience with supplying our customers with innovative and world-class cutlery products.


Cutlery Products

 boning knives Boning Knives
Boning knives are used in food preparation for removing bones from meat, poultry, and fish. Boning knives are not as thick as other knives, making them easier to control for a more precise cut.
 breaking butcher chef knives Breaking, Butcher, & Chef's Knives
Breaking, butcher, and chef's knives have a variety of uses to make specific meat cutting applications more convenient. KASCO is a premier supplier of breaking knives, butcher knives, & chef's knives.
 cimeter knives Cimeter Knives
Cimeter (scimitar) knives have a unique blade design ideal for slicing through a variety of meats including beef, pork, poultry, and fish. The curved blade and pointed tip increase precision for situations such as cutting off brisket, sirloin, or shank.
 paring and produce knives Paring & Produce Knives
Paring knives and produce knives are ideal for peeling fruits and vegetables or other smaller cutting jobs. KASCO offers a variety of paring and produce knives that make specific cutting applications more convenient.
 skinning and fillet knives Skinning & Fillet Knives
Skinning knives and fillet knives are specially designed to remove the hide, skin, and scales from surrounding meat. These knives make this process more efficient and help eliminate wasted meat from deep and unwanted cuts.
 cutlery products Other Cutlery
KASCO offers a variety of knives that make specific meat and produce cutting applications more convenient. These knives include bread knives, cheese and watermelon knives, and lamb slicing knives.
 sharpeners hones and steels Sharpeners, Hones & Steels
Sharpening hones and steels improve the quality of any knife by removing the rolled over edges and restoring the blade to pristine condition. This increases the cutting ability and efficiency of the knife.
 hook eye belt knife sharpener Hook-Eye Sharpeners
The Hook-Eye Commercial Belt Knife Sharpeners provide and quick and effective method of sharpening or completely reconditioning cutlery blades. KASCO also carries replacement belts for the Hook-Eye Commercial Belt Knife Sharpeners.
 cutlery knife accessories Accessories
KASCO offers a variety of sheaths and scabbards to hold your knives in place while you work. These holders provide a convenient way to carry your knives around and easily access them when needed.

We stock a wide range of Victorinox and ICEL cutlery, as well as select styles from Dexter, Freidr. Dick, Canada Cutlery and other popular brands.