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Wood Cutting and Pallet Dismantler Band Saw Blades

Cutting edge WoodMaxx Blades and PalletMaxx Dismantler Blades are the result of 110 years of experience and the KASCO commitment to design and manufacture the best band saw blades in the industry. These Blades have precision ground teeth that create straighter and more accurate cuts. In addition, WoodMaxx and PalletMaxx blades are made from only the highest quality materials to improve performance, increase blade life, and decrease safety hazards for employees.


WoodMaxx Resaw & Sawmill Blades
Extensive research, testing, engineering, and innovative technologies make WoodMaxx Blades the ideal thin-kerf wood cutting band saw blades.

PalletMaxx Pallet Dismantler Blades
PalletMaxxKASCO's PalletMaxx dismantler blades are available in both carbon steel and bi-metal materials. PalletMaxx-C are carbon steel blades perfect for slower speed dismantling machines, whereas PalletMaxx-B bi-metal dismantler blades perform best on high-speed and slower-speed pallet dismantling machines.