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WoodMaxx Band Saw Blades: Wood Cutting & Sawmills

"WoodMaxx: Band Saw Blades for Wood Cutting & Sawmill Applications”

WoodMaxx premium band saw blades for wood are ideal for sawmills and other applications where band sawmill blades are used, including;  thin kerf saw mills, pallet mills, portable sawmills, horizontal resaws and vertical resaws.

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Video Transcript:

"WoodMaxx premium quality band saw blades are the result of over 110 years of experience in engineering, designing and manufacturing the best sharp edge, cutting products in the industry. 

All WoodMaxx thin kerf blades are manufactured using only the highest quality, correctly dimensioned, fatigue-resistant polished strip material from the world’s best steel producers. 

Tooth profiles are precision ground using the most sophisticated and accurate machinery available.

Cutting edges are induction heat treated and held to extremely tight hardness standards to ensure WoodMaxx blades are the sharpest, most durable, and longest lasting product on the market.

Teeth are set to very tight tolerances, and camber is accurately applied to ensure every WoodMaxx blade produces clean, straight, consistent cuts on all sawmills and horizontal and vertical resaws.

KASCO’s welds on finished bands are so uniform in strength and structure that we unconditionally guarantee them.

Throughout the manufacturing process every blade receives a series of quality inspections to ensure every WoodMaxx blade exceeds industry standards for durability, consistency, blade life, sharpness, and performance.

KASCO SharpTech also utilizes the best packaging processes to ensure all WoodMaxx products are delivered safe, secure and sharp out of the box.

From logs to finished product, WoodMaxx quality and performance means more through-put and fewer blade changes resulting in greater efficiency and cost-savings for your operation.

Trust WoodMaxx blades for the performance your sawing operation demands.

WoodMaxx: The maximum quality, maximum value and maximum performance saw blade for all your wood cutting needs. Call 877-366-1696 or visit us at WoodMaxxBlades.com."