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Miscellaneous Butcher Supplies

butcher twine 20 Ply Cotton Butcher Twine
This butcher twine is great for hand packaging, automatic wrapping machines, sausage links, and all-purpose use. The twine comes in a 2 lb. cone and the holder is not included.
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 aluminum ice scoop 24 Ounce Aluminum Ice Scoop
Whether you're trying to fill a customer's glass of iced tea or create an ice bath to keep beer cold, an ice scoop is needed to get the job done. This scoop is constructed of heavy-argue, die-cast aluminum.
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 band-ade saw fluid Band-Ade Saw Fluid
This fluid reduces machine wear and improves band saw blade tool life. The water-soluble formula reduces friction and improves cutting performance.
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 fiberglass handle Fiberglass Handle
This extension handle easily attaches to the brushes, squeegees, and other butcher cleaning supplies we carry. The lightweight design makes cleaning more efficient.
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 hand held super sharpener Hand Held Super Sharpener
This hand held cutlery sharpener makes sharpening knives on the go more convenient. It's small design makes it easy to carry around and store.
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 magnetic wall hook Magnetic Hook
This hook is easy to move from place to place and provides a sturdy hanger. The magnetic back has a strong hold to prevent sliding.
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 butcher patty paper Patty Paper
Patty paper is an essential supply to any deli, butcher shop, or other related business. This paper separates meat while preventing sticking.
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 spray bottle for lubricoat Spray Bottle for Lubricoat
Lubricoat makes cleaning and lubricating quick and simple, especially when used with this spray bottle. Click here for more information about Lubricoat.
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