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Cutlery Accessories

KASCO Canada offers a variety of sheaths and scabbards to hold your knives in place while you work. These holders provide a convenient way to carry your knives around and easily access them when needed. All KASCO knife holders are simple to fasten and safely secure knives.

KASCO Canada is the premier supplier of cutlery accessories and other products for the cutlery industry. We carry the most respected brand names to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. We have over 110 years of experience with supplying our customers with innovative cutlery accessories.


5" x 17" KASCO Hook Eye Scabbard, White Poly

This 5" x 17" hook eye scabbard is ideal for holding a variety of knives. KASCO SharpTech scabbards are designed to safely secure knives while not in use.

 5 x 17 kasco hook eye scabbard white poly

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6" Dexter Leather Sheath for Produce Knives

This 6" leather sheath provides a convenient and easily accessible holder for produce knives. Dexter sheaths are simple to fasten and safely secure knives in place.

 6 inch dexter leather sheath

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White Poly Knife Scabbard

This scabbard has an extended neck that allows knives to hang at a lower and more comfortable grasping distance. The angled flange keeps knives nestled close to the scabbard and safely out of the way. The pouch front slips out of scabbard frame for convenient cleaning.

 white poly knife scabbard

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